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What ties athlete Nina Derwael, Bridgestone EMIA’s Olympic campaign, Deloitte’s HR manager, Kenya’s Kip Keino Classic, the Start 2 Run app and walking magazines WandelBE and WandelNL together? From first steps to inspiring feats, Golazo has their back.

Support collective well-being,
the most valuable ROI for us all.

Annually, 1.3 million workouts are completed with the Start 2 Run app. Every month, 17,500 new Start 2 Runners join in.

5 years of bringing positive and durable change to the workfloor: Making impact with the Ageas Group.

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Our movement

Offering unique experiences in sports

Events can be a trigger to a more active lifestyle. They provide a clear purpose with a deadline. Often, an event is the ultimate reward for months of preparation and the start of a new journey. Top-class events showcase sports at the highest competitive level. Seeing your heroes up close, encourages people of all ages to start taking up sport themselves.

Energising employees and companies

We believe that energising your employees in a holistic way is the key to a thriving company. By investing in employee health and happiness, companies can reduce healthcare costs, decrease absenteeism, and improve overall performance and employee retention. Employees with good holistic health are more innovative at work, have better work performance, and experience better work–life balance.

Connecting fans with brands

Our focus is on brands and companies that want to communicate through sport, active lifestyle and wellbeing. We consult our clients by creating effective and unforgettable campaigns with one ultimate goal: connecting fans with brands.

Producing customised content to targeted audiences

We are visible through our magazines, books and online media platforms that serve targeted sport audiences and professionals. We are a wellknown content partner in sport, fitness and health that provides customised content to many different sport associations and organisations.

Representing elite athletes who support our mission

Athletes competing successfully at the highest level are a true inspiration for all. The perseverance of athletes that leads them to the top motivates people in their daily lives. These athletes are the perfect ambassadors to our mission and our company.

Global expertise, local impact

Marmotte Granfondo Alpes

Nairobi City Marathon

ISTAF Berlin

Marathon Eindhoven

UCI Gravel World Championships

Small gestures, major impact

There are only winners: celebrating the last one over the finish.

How one simple football campaign with an impressive line-up of world stars can save lives

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