Our mission

A healthier

and happier




Why does Golazo exist?

Only very few companies can clearly articulate why they exist. Golazo exists to make our society healthier and happier.

Golazo challenges you to live your best life, invites you to take the next step, and inspires you to do this together with others. Our slogan ‘your next move’ represents the vision for the brand and the philosophy of the company.


How does Golazo realise this why?

It is how Golazo realises this which makes us truly unique. We focus on holistic wellbeing where physical, mental, social and societal wellbeing come together.

Golazo is a holistic movement. We focus on this broader mission, vision, values, and our impact on society and local communities.


What does Golazo do to make society
healthier and happier?

Golazo creates collective experiences. Golazo inspires, activates, promotes and motivates wellbeing for businesses, communities, and individuals.

Uniting teams, fans, and individuals into shared experiences sparks lasting change. Golazo creates events, nurtures athletes, curates content, crafts apps, provides corporate coaching and development, orchestrates campaigns and develops sponsorships and partnerships across the globe.



We spark your next move. Amidst the cheers of an event and the hustle of the office, we set our sights on the next step, the new goal, the start of a new habit.
We are not about fleeting moments of motivation; we aim to ignite a lasting passion for healthy habits in you. This transformative journey is about awakening a healthier, more joyous you, one habit at a time, unlocking a world where wellbeing and happiness become second nature.


We prioritise morals above all. We hold a steadfast belief that everyone, from every walk of life, should have an equal opportunity to flourish in a vibrant, healthy society – and we mean business: equal access to sports and broad representation. Diversity strengthens our community and enriches our perspectives. Driven by perseverance, we remain committed to fostering and supporting healthy habits. If any partnership doesn’t align with a vision for a just, inclusive, and sustainable world, we possess the integrity to say no and respectfully decline.


We focus on the painting, not the frame. We are bold and pursue great ideas with passion. Rather than getting caught up with rigid rules or processes, our eyes are set on the ultimate goal: bringing people together to reach new heights. In a united mission of building a happier and healthier society, there’s no room for egos. When something or someone is essential to our mission, we initiate and make it happen.


We are by each other’s side, helping with every climb. A collective of entrepreneurs, we know we can reach summits when we collaborate. We celebrate those who ask for help, who know that together we are stronger. We are not afraid to fail, because we know we can get up and try again. Even though we are an ever-growing movement, we operate with startup agility. Here, every participant stands on equal ground, united by a common goal and purpose.


We don’t just aim high, we break barriers and redefine success. While we dream big, believing we need to change the world, we are more than just dreamers – we are doers. We transform grand visions into reality, understanding that every step counts. As we achieve one goal after the next, we celebrate as a united team, from the volunteer to the premier athlete. Then, with renewed determination, we set our sights on the next challenge.


We are dedicated to keep building an organisation that lasts forever. We are a company focused on the long term, not just temporary monetary success. This is embedded in our mission and fortified in our equity structure, driving us to consistently enhance the experiences of our participants, spectators, fans, and customers.


We believe every personal story can
spark someone’s next move. Whether it’s a seasoned pro setting a new record or a neighbour completing their first 5K run, it’s those stories that have the potential to inspire another’s journey. Fueled with the right tools and motivation, anyone can become a beacon of inspiration. Together, these stories spark transformative habits that benefit us all.