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At Golazo Energy we aim to optimise Human Energy. Just by improving the management of energy you can boost your productivity significantly. That’s exactly what we did for the Ageas Group and their employees. Our partnership showcases the incredible strides made in boosting the wellbeing of their workforce. A testament to the fact that prioritising health is a winning strategy, both for companies and their employees.

Based on the needs we introduced The Ageas Challenge, an inclusive wellbeing programme accessible to all employees. It focuses on the concept that exercise has the transformative power to shape company culture, to enhance interaction between colleagues worldwide and to create an environment where each individual can thrive.

By offering virtual challenges and impactful physical journeys, we take the positive vibe surrounding healthy competition and we make it part of day to day operations.

 Making a lasting impact on company culture is only possible by aligning our wellbeing strategy with the needs of the organisation. That’s why our close collaboration with The Ageas Group’s Talent & HR department cannot be overlooked. Through regular meetings with spocs from every region we ensure that our approach resonates effectively at regional offices.

To finetune our strategy further, we leverage wellbeing data, engage in insightful interviews and conduct surveys.

As we approach the sixth year of our partnership, we are proud to say that The Ageas Challenge has played a pivotal role in connecting Ageas employees worldwide, and in creating a positive company culture. A true catalyst for cultural change. The results of last year only confirm this claim:

  • Overall engagement rose by +10%.
  • An increase in engagement on all wellbeing initiatives.
  • 86% of participants state to have maintained a healthier lifestyle through the programme.
  • Over 10,000 trees have been planted through the Go Forest initiative.
  • Ageas got certified by the Top Employers Institute as “Top Employer for 2023”.

“The Ageas challenge is a fantastic opportunity for our employees to not only challenge themselves physically but to also develop their mental toughness and teambuilding skills. The end goal is not only to exercise more but also to make a positive impact on their health and overall wellbeing.”

During our 5 year partnership we saw the importance of both group-level initiatives and individual challenges . By offering scalable initiatives aimed at everyone, and exclusive high-impact journeys we managed to keep wellbeing, productivity and engagement at an all time high. Especially when leaders step in and set the example.

The Ageas Challenge is a powerful demonstration of the profound benefits that come from placing employee wellbeing at the forefront.  Giving tailormade solutions to specific needs is essential if you want to accomplish outstanding outcomes.

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