How one simple football campaign with an impressive line-up of world stars can save lives

Golazo Brands and UEFA joined forces for a new campaign. For ‘Get trained. Save lives.’ an impressive line-up of world stars, including Erling Haaland, Lautaro Martínez, Ana Marković, Ruud Gullit, […]

The Last Finisher of the NN Marathon Rotterdam is as Important as the First

England’s Jemima was the last runner to cross the finish of the NN Marathon Rotterdam amid loud cheers from the crowd on Sunday afternoon at 16:34 hours. Waiting there for […]

Annually, 1.3 million workouts are completed with the Start 2 Run app. Every month, 17,500 new Start 2 Runners join in.

Getting everyone to run. That was the premise of the Start 2 Run app launched in September 2013 with Evy Gruyaert as coach and voice of the app. Meanwhile the […]

Making impact with the Ageas Group

At Golazo Energy we aim to optimise Human Energy. Just by improving the management of energy you can boost your productivity significantly. That’s exactly what we did for the Ageas […]