You will find here soon all information on how you can contribute to our events as a volunteer.


"Make the move"

Would you like to experience our events behind the scenes? Then read on for more info and sign up as a group or individual for our Golazo Volunteer Community!

About Golazo

Golazo’s mission is ‘a happier and healthier you’! Golazo is a movement that inspires, motivates and supports, which shines through in our volunteer programme as well. People are our biggest asset. And like all solid teams we stand for cooperation, togetherness and loyalty. Every person in the Golazo Volunteer Community is crucial. Together we strive for a better, more diverse and inclusive world under the mission ‘A healthier and Happier you’. But ‘A healthier and Happier you’ is also about fun, friendship and being part of something. Only then we can grow as individuals, as a team and as an organisation.

About our volunteer programme

Our volunteer programma is built on four pillars. Involve, guide, retain and reward. As a volunteer you are helping us organise events by taking on one of many tasks. But you won’t be left on your own. You will be guided by the rest of our Golazo Volunteer Community and will get the opportunity to grow and develop. We invest in our crew with the goal of long-term involvement. Feedback and evaluation are crucial for that. We are aiming for a warm environment in which every volunteer feels valued.

Our events

Golazo is known as the organisation behind the Allianz Memorial Van Damme, the AG Antwerp 10 Miles, the Tour of Flanders Cyclo and many more events. You can find our entire calendar here. We aren’t looking for (large numbers of) volunteers for all of our events. Here’s a selection of our 2022 events for which you will be able to apply as a volunteer.

Our volunteers

You have the opportunity to reinforce our team both as an individual or as a group. We can put your support and enthusiasm to good use at supply posts, finish locations, de-rigging the event or for various other fun jobs.

Welk Which volunteer profile best suits you and your group best?

Join the Golazo Volunteer Community

Are you excited to join our Golazo Volunteer Community? That’s great! Register via the button below.

What’s next? The data you supplied us with will be stored in our database. You will then be invited for events which suit your task preference and take place in your region.

Are you excited to join our Golazo Volunteer Community? That’s great! Register via the button below.

"Make the move"

Om elke top- en recreatieve sporter naar hundoelen te stuwen, rekenen we dagelijks op onze Golazo-crew om onze evenemententot recordhoogtes te brengen. Ben je een jobstudent, freelancer, gepensioneerdeof werkende op zoek naar een extra bijverdienste in het weekend? Iedereen, meteen gezonde dosis motivatie, een grote passie voor sport en onstuimbareenergie, is welkom om deel uit te maken van ons team. Registreer je online,kies een moment voor je gesprek en voor je het weet zit, loop, rij of hamer jemee op hét sportevenement in jouw buurt of een andere fantastische locatie in België. Je beslist zelf wanneer en hoe vaak je met ons mee op pad gaat. Eén keer per jaar of elke dag, elk teamlid is evenwaardig.Make them move! Make the move! Golazo, let’s move!


Do you have any further questions? You can find more information in the Frequently Asked Questions. If you can’t find the answer to your questions, then feel free to contact us at volunteers@golazo.com.