We make companies move

We are a group of expert companies who believe that human energy is the most vital element for creating real progress in organisations and society. We help our clients create workplaces where people can be better, feel better and talent can flourish.

Our vision is to move people, organisations, and society so they can thrive.

It is our ambition to improve the wellbeing and performance of all our customers. We believe that high well-being and high performance go hand in hand. So that people, teams and organisations can truly thrive.

We do this by energising them physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

True wellbeing can only be achieved when it’s approached holistically. The wellbeing of an individual, team, organisation and society is defined by its physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. All our programmes and solutions are built around these 4 principles.

Energy Lab

Energy Lab motivates people and companies to move more and live a healthier lifestyle. We create and implement sustainable and impactful wellbeing journeys, including inspirational sessions, activations, workshops, and life changing experiences for our customers. We offer testing and coaching services in our labs and via online applications.

Anything is possible

Turn your employees into your ambassadors. Let them embody your company values at sporting events in which you participate. Energy Lab offers your company the ultimate preparation on this journey. A selection of employees works towards an ultimate physical goal under the professional supervision of Energy Lab coaches. The ambassadors give a voice and face to the corporate wellbeing programme of your company and spread the “health virus” within the company.

Master your energy

Master Your Energy is a 100-day programme that focuses on turning your company’s and employees’ energy drains into energy gains. We boost the physical, mental and emotional energy levels of your employees and help you build and create a sustainable high-performance working culture. Where time is a finite resource, your energy can be expanded and reinvigorated.

Corporate Wellbeing Events

Healthy and challenging teambuilding with your team or perhaps a family day where your employees and their families can enjoy a day of fun and sports? Energy Lab & hospitality partner Gracias provide all of the necessary ingredients to make your event a raging success.

Physical Wellbeing & Performance

Whether you are a experienced athlete or complete novice at sports, our professional coaches put you on the right path towards your sports goal. Effort testing, body composition analysis, nutrition advice and tailor-made sports schedules… Whatever you need to make it across the finish line, we got you!

As of spring 2023 you will not only find Energy Lab in Ghent, Paal and Leuven but also in Zolder & Antwerp where a brand new state of the art centre is being built as we speak.

Top Sport

Coaching has been an essential part of Energy Lab and at the root of our DNA for many years. Not only do we coach some of Belgium’s top athletes like sailing champion Emma Plasschaert and Sport Vlaanderen Baloise cycling talent Rune Herregodts, we also take pride in discovering new, young talent and coaching them towards their first steps as professional athletes and later on guiding and supporting them throughout their careers.

Talent Spotting

Justine Ghekiere: how riding the Virtual Baloise Tour lead to a career as a professional cyclist.

It all started two years ago when Justine decided to participate in the first edition of the Virtual Baloise Belgium Tour – a virtual event to replace the real Baloise Belgium Tour as the covid pandemic was in full swing back then. Her results were so astonishingly good that the Energy Lab coaches wanted to take a closer look at her cycling skills, so Justine came in for physical testing at Energy Lab Ghent. She blew our coaches away again with her performance during the physical bike test. The trained eye of coach Ward Van De Capelle spotted Justine’s talent right away and convinced her to try out for the Lotto Cycling Talent programme, on which she managed to get a spot. The programme allowed her to be coached by the Energy Lab coaches so she was able to explore her full potential and learn how to reach a professional level.

Fast forward to 2022… She is living her dream of being a professional cyclist as a member of the Plantur-Pura team. In the last two years, Justine has already proved to be a talented athlete with several successful performances in the greatest cycling competitions, including a 19th place in the World Championships.

Start 2 Run app

Our Start 2 Run app has coached 700,000 users towards their first 5K of running, and many more afterwards, over the last decade. Easy to follow schedules, building up the runner experience slowly and getting motivational messages during your workout are the key ingredients for the success of the app. Start 2 Run has changed the lives of so many people who finally found their passion in running and adopted a healthier lifestyle because of it.

“This app gradually helps me improve my fitness. Evy coaches in your ear by telling you when to walk and run. After 4 weeks I notice that it’s all going a bit easier and I know that I’m healthier. I’m really a fan.”

Better Minds at Work

Better Minds at Work helps to activate the entire mental capital of your organisation. We do this through professional advice, training, inspiration sessions and coaching. Our trademark is translating scientific theories into a fresh and accessible day-to-day approach.

Human Capital Scan

The Human Capital Scan helps you find out what gives your employees energy, what stresses them and how they perceive the leadership and organisation.

Future Focused Leadership

During our leadership programmes we inspire your leaders in continuous innovation to become truly future-proof.

The New Now

The New Now is our latest keynote on how to build resilience in a world where change is the only constant.

Sharing is caring

Sharing knowledge is one of our core values. That is why several of our experts put their pen to paper to share their most valuable insights and expertise with you.

Better Minds at Work & Katoen Natie

Better Minds at Work has been providing leadership trainings for many years now. We have ample experience in guiding international groups of leaders and we take them in a leadership journey Dare to Lead, tailored to your organisation. For instance at Katoen Natie we are training hundreds of leaders from 100+ nationalities.

Dare to lead programs

As today’s work environment changes, leadership must change as well. The shifts of social and political turbulence, work-life fusion and flexible work arrangements are redefining the leader-employee dynamic into a human-to-human relationship.

Better Minds Academy

Sharing is caring is in the DNA of every Better Minds at Work expert. That is why we founded the Better Minds Academy in which we offer inspiring journeys for every professional. Courses vary from leadership skills, coaching skills to very specific topics such as perfectionism and focus. Immerse yourself and your team members in these courses in various cities across Belgium.


Peak4 helps companies understand, plan, implement and communicate change within their teams and organisation. We use the latest knowledge available in organisational and behavioural science, best in class business practices and nature’s wisdom to guide leaders, teams, and organisations through their own personal change.

Transition & Culture

We help leaders embrace new ways of approaching change in which they explore the dynamics at play, discover new perspectives, make it personal, shift underlying mindsets and connect with a deeper source of creativity.

Talent & Leadership

Our Talent & Leadership programmes are tailor-made, in co-creation with our client and create curious, resilient and agile employees.

Corporate Wellbeing

Our individual and team coaching helps to create a healthy workforce and ensures successful companies in times where people’s wellbeing is under great pressure.

Deloitte TOP Impact Journey

The ‘Deloitte TOP Program’ is a two-year program for starting talents at Deloitte Tax & Legal. The aim of this program is to train resilient and agile talents who will become the leaders of the future at Deloitte.

The icing on the cake for the ‘TOPpers’ is the impact journey in the Alps at the end of their traineeship. During this journey they will work on themes such as their Growth versus Fixed Mindset and look back on the past two years of the program. The mountains contribute to being able to slow down, step out of your bubble and completely disconnect from the daily grind. A wonderful journey where many great insights are gained that help them with their further career at Deloitte.