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Berlin läuft

Berlin läuft! was founded in 2008 and since then includes some of the capital’s biggest and most exciting running events. Since 2014 Berlin läuft!- Events are part of the portfolio of Golazo Germany and move annually more than 35,000 people. With the aim to inspire everyone for sport, the motto of the series is: Exceptional routes and unforgettable moments. It all started with Berlin läuft! with the continuation of the former “25km de Berlin” – or also known as the “French Run” – 25 km run, today’s 25km from Berlin. Later the Airport Night Run, the Tierparklauf and the Great 10k Berlin (formerly ASICS Grand 10) have been added to the running portfolio. With distances of 5 km, 10 km, half marathon and 25 km, which can be run as a single runner or as a relay, a wide range of routes for all levels of performance is offered: beginners, recreational runners, ambitious runners and top athletes. Each run also includes at least one relay or team event and a children’s race (800 – 1,500m). With the organization of around 30 runners meetings per year, runners also have the opportunity to optimally prepare for the individual events.

METRO Marathon Düsseldorf:

In 2015, the Rhein Marathon Düsseldorf and Golazo Sports Germany merged. The METRO Marathon Düsseldorf is already the largest sporting event in the NRW state capital with around 20,000 runners per year. Since 2019, the half marathon has also been an integral part of this event and enjoys great popularity every year. In addition to the METRO Marathon, Golazo from Düsseldorf also organizes the Stadtwerke Düsseldorf Half Marathon on the Kö with over 4,000 runners and the T3 Triathlon with as many participants.


Since 2018 two premium athletics events belong to the Golazo family: The International Stadium Festival Berlin (ISTAF) is the most traditional and most spectacular athletics meeting in the world. More than 50,000 spectators regularly attend the annual major event in Berlin’s Olympic Stadium. In total, more than two million guests were streaming that event. In addition to many other sporting achievements, there were also 16 world records set at the ISTAF. In 2014, the world’s largest indoor athletics event was established with the ISTAF Indoor as a counterpart to the outdoor event, attracting 12,500 visitors a year and more than 1.17 million live TV viewers in Germany alone.

Urban Trail Series Germany:

In 2015, the German Athletics Marketing (DLM) and Golazo Sports Germany founded the joint venture “Deutschland läuft” to give new impulses to the running scene with new events, including the Urban Trails, a series of 10-kilometer races and an Ekiden squadron in which six runners share the marathon distance. Since 2017, the new company has established the “Urban Trail” concept in German cities, with which Golazo has been successful in Belgium since 2013. The runners discover their cities – mostly on Sunday mornings – completely new. The routes pass through parks, over the most beautiful squares, but also through historic buildings and to places that are not normally accessible to the public. A time measurement does not take place, but participants will be served breakfast after the race. In Antwerp, the number of participants in the local “Urban Trail” increased from around 4000 at the start of 2013 to nearly 12,000 this year. “These runs are a perfect mix of culture, tourism and sports,” says managing director Bob Verbeeck, “in Flanders, all runs were always sold out right from the start”. In 2018, more than 6,000 participants took part in Urban Trail events in Bochum, Dortmund, Berlin, Potsdam, Oberhausen and Düsseldorf – and the trend continues to rise.

Sponsoring Consulting & Brand Activation:

We bring Golazo’s knowledge together to provide brands with a full service approach to their sports marketing strategy. Through strategic leadership, powerful concepts (offline & online), strong communication and dedicated execution, we help many leading companies & brands to achieve their goals: Passionate commitment & connection with customers. Either as a beginner in the sponsorship business or as an established company: Golazo uses its own tools and resources to provide the brands with deep support in a variety of key areas: accounting – strategy – insights – co-creation – recovery – operation – measurements.

Example: Bridgestone

After the world’s largest tire manufacturer Bridgestone decided to partner with the Olympics, Golazo was mandated for their sponsorship consulting. Together with the London-based agency WeAreFearless, the emotional campaign “Chase Your Dream. No matter what.”, which was launched next to Germany, also in Spain, Italy, Great Britain, Poland and France. Bridgestone, wants to inspire people together with 19 selected Olympians as ambassadors, to chase their dream, no matter what. In Germany, Fabian Hambüchen (gymnast) and Kristina Vogel (track cyclist) support the emotional campaign since the launch on April 26, 2017. With these brand ambassadors, athletes could be won who, despite individual resistance and obstacles, never gave up and fought hard to fulfill their dream of Olympic Gold. Due to the great success of the campaign with numerous awards, Golazo is constantly working to expand the campaign on other core markets of Bridgestone.

We are Golazo Belgium


On October 18th, 1990, former Olympian (Los Angeles, 1984) athlete Bob Verbeeck founded sports marketing agency Consultants in Sports (CIS) in Belgium. Starting with a small team and a few customers, the company quickly grew to organize events in more than 15 different sports. A Dutch subsidiary was added in 1994 to establish CIS Benelux, which continued to build on its network of recreational and professional sporting events.


In 2000, Octagon, the sports marketing division of The Interpublic Group (IPG), and CIS created the partnership Octagon CIS. This new organization managed all sponsorship activations for clients such as Procter & Gamble, MasterCard and Hyundai during the Euro 2000 European soccer tournament. In 2002, IPG increased its shareholder stake in Octagon CIS to 100%.

Between 2002 and 2007, Octagon CIS was focused primarily on consultancy and its own sporting events, mostly within Europe. However, it had become clear that several clients could benefit greatly from an integrated approach of sports, entertainment and media. As this offer of services was not fully in line with the international philosophy of Octagon, the parties ultimately agreed that reestablishing full independence from each other was the logical step forward – thus the rebirth of Octagon CIS under sole possession of Bob Verbeeck.


Along with this change of ownership and control comes an expansion of the business into the media and entertainment services. And finally, on January 1st 2008, a rebranding of the company into Golazo sports (the former being Octagon CIS) and Golazo media (started in 2002 as sport.be) took place. In the summer of 2009, the group launched its third important pillar, Energy Lab, which offers training programmes and guidance for all those that exercise, ranging from recreative participants to professional athletes.

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