Sponsorlive Tracker

Telenet is the largest provider of cable broadband services in Belgium and a major sponsoring brand offering a range of sports and entertainment content. In a fast changing industry and environment, sponsorship needs more than ever to prove value for money.


Golazo Consulting were called on to design a tracking tool allowing management to review and fine tune the sponsorship programme in real time. The solution to the challenge was SponsorLive Tracker, a totally customised reporting system. 

Our consultants first spent time with Telenet prioritising the key objectives for the business and then writing a sponsorship mission statement agreed by senior management.

Quantifiable success criteria and their weighting against each overall objective were agreed and then fed into the interactive Tracker which scores each sponsorship on each criteria. Data was sourced from a mix of internal measures such as sales figures, and online surveys designed and run by Golazo Consulting on behalf of Telenet. Fans of the various Telenet sponsored clubs and events provided almost 8,000 responses in the first year alone giving unprecedented insight into how they experienced and perceived Telenet as a brand. The Tracker yields insight into fan awareness, consideration, favourability (NPS), media consumption and even their opinion of individual activations. 

In addition, corporate hospitality guests provided valuable and highly actionable information about what they most appreciated at the many events hosted by Telenet each year. All this data was processed by the Golazo Consulting back office and the results synthesised into an easy to use Tracker dashboard. Telenet can at a glance compare and track strong and weak areas of each individual sponsorship. Comparisons of performance are made over time, against objectives, and even financially by mapping each sponsorship against the rights fee paid. 

Results are presented regularly throughout each year and Golazo Consutling backs the data with recommendations and insights.

The model has been successfully applied to other clients, and because each brand and each sponsorship is different it is totally customisable and tailor made – only the process is standard.

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