AG Antwerp 10 miles


As title partner of the Antwerp 10 Miles, AG Insurance asked Sportizon to develop an activation plan in line with their brand slogan “Supporter of your Life”, hence to encourage people to be more physically active.

By bringing “Supporter of Your Life” to life, we activated AG Insurance’s sponsorship and motivated participants & their supporters with a 360° activation plan: digital content (infographics) & storytelling (city challenge), digital activation (digital cheercards) and a strong field presence (running belts & cheerzones).

The activation plan kicked-off on social media with infographics, showing weekly tips and tricks in order to avoid common running injuries & to prepare for the race in the best possible way.

In order to further claim the prerace communication, we launched the story of the AG City Challenge. The challenge was to have at least one participant from each of Belgium’s 589 cities at the starting line of the AG Antwerp 10 Miles. Every first subscriber from each city got his/her entry fee refunded and received a one-of-a-kind AG Insurance running shirt, featuring their name and the city logo.

As a result of the campaign, 75% of the Belgian cities were present at the start.

In the last week towards the race, we launched the ‘’Digital Cheer Card’’. Supporters could upload a ‘supporters photo’ and give their friend a boost on the way to the finish line. The personalised cheering picture was shown on big AG Insurance screens along the course, the moment the runner ran by a big screen. More than 8.300 photos were uploaded on the website.

On raceday, participants could claim an AG running belt. Along the course of the race, different cheering zones where AG ambassadors were holding up cheer cards with motivational messages, supported and motivated the runners. Another team of AG ambassadors distributed blank cheer cards to the public, which could be personalized.

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