A Golazo is a “gol” (goal). The suffix -azo means that something is huge. A Golazo is a “megagoal” that is scored in an especially skillful or exciting manner, or alternately, at a particularly key moment in the match. The result is deep emotion and passion that fills the stadium. The word Golazo is mainly used in South America. At our company Golazo our goal is to nurture passion and emotion in all our projects.

Golazo wants everyone to do sports. This is done through organizing more than 250 sporting events in Belgium and abroad, as well as sports promotion programmes. Additionally,

Energy Lab gives everyone the chance to be guided during the preparation for an event, with the focus being on training and nutrition.

Golazo further aims to give the sports-fan the ability to enjoy sports at the highest level, whilst guiding a number of professional athletes and providing brands and authorities with the opportunity to use sports as a way to connect with its audience.

Golazo’s own media channels bring information and create experience for various sports communities. Golazo is sports.


The roots of the company go back to the past millennium… On October 18th, 1990, former Olympian (Los Angeles, 1984) athlete Bob Verbeeck founded sports marketing agency Consultants in Sports (CIS) in Belgium. Starting with a small team and a few customers, the company quickly grew to organize events in more than 15 different sports. A Dutch subsidiary was added in 1994 to establish CIS Benelux, which continued to build on its network of recreational and professional sporting events.

In 2000, Octagon, the sports marketing division of The Interpublic Group (IPG), and CIS created the partnership Octagon CIS. In 2002, IPG increased its shareholder stake in Octagon CIS to 100%. In the next few years, it became clear that several clients could benefit greatly from an integrated approach of sports, entertainment and media. Reestablishing full independence from each of both companies was the logical step forward. With this change of ownership and control also comes a rebranding of the company into Golazo – sports, media and entertainment.

In 2014, Golazo sports joined forces with existing sports marketing organisations in Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Groningen, Berlin and Paris to create Golazo sports Netherlands, Germany and France. The new companies will be able to further develop the established events in their respective countries. In addition, there will be opportunities to create new events.


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