Energy Lab – Account/Project Manager

Energy Lab strongly believes that healthy people make better companies. Therefore, we help our clients to develop effective strategies improving their employees’ health, get them more engaged, increase their focus and have more fun!

Our holistic corporate wellbeing programs focusses on four basic elements: healthy nutrition, regular exercise, good sleep and mental resilience. With help of amongst others our online platform, challenges and smart marketing campaigns we trigger people to try healthy habits (and to make them stick).

To help manage these programs we are looking for an Account/Project Manager to join our team and serve some of our key Dutch clients.

Golazo – Stagiairs

Wij zoeken voor de periode februari 2019 t/m december 2019 naar enthousiaste stagiairs op het gebied van projectmanagement, eventmanagement, verkeerskunde en vormgeving. Bij GOLAZO SPORTS werken we aan leuke sportevenementen zoals Urban Trails in wel 13 steden, Toertochten (Klim Classic, Classico Boretti, voor de totale kalender kijk op, NN Marathon Rotterdam, NN CPC Loop Den Haag, Utrecht Marathon en het NK Wielrennen.
Ons team in Rotterdam is een jong, leuk en enthousiast team.


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