25 years ago, I started a company in sports consultancy. I resigned from a secure job, had no business plan and was just following my dream. Sports had given me so many opportunities. Forming my personality as a young club runner, going to the US on a scholarship, participating in the Olympic Games, discovering the world, …

I was then, and remain, convinced that sports participation leads to a better world. A world in which respect, friendship and teamwork rule. 25 years later my company is growing into a worldwide movement. A movement that brings together people who participate in sports. Back in 1991, when I started, 40% of the population were active in sports, today 60% of them ‘move’. The ambition of our movement is to get 90% of the people moving by 2025.

How will we reach that 90%? Through state of the art events: both real-life and digital challenges. Sports and our events have the unique power to create experiences that turn a moment in time into a lifetime memory. Embracing technology and social media will be key to this rapid growth.

A strong collaboration with companies, schools and communities will be another key driver. Companies have recently adopted sports as a means of employer branding and employer engagement in the competition for talent. 70% of Millennials want jobs that promote their well-being. Schools are an even more significant place to spread our mission. If you experience the benefits of moving in your childhood, you’ll never stop doing it. The end result will be a healthier society, both physically and mentally.

That’s our mission.

So let’s move!

Bob Verbeeck, CEO Golazo Group