• About us

    Berlin läuft! was founded in 2008 and has since become one of the biggest running event organisers in the capital. In 2014 “Berlin läuft!” and Belgian sports marketing agency GOLAZO joined forces in Germany with the goal of getting more people interested in sport. Golazo Sports is also active in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Italy and Spain and organises over 200 major sporting events per year. Golazo’s international position with over 500.000 participants per year will strengthen the “running” base of “Berlin läuft!” and will help activate other sports disciplines in Germany.

    It all started for “Berlin läuft!” with the acquisition of the license of the event formerly known under the name “25km de Berlin” and also “Franzosenlauf”, the well-known 25 kilometre run “BIG 25 Berlin”. At the moment “Berlin läuft!” organises eight annual road races in Berlin and Brandenburg, involving more than 40,000 runners each year.

    With distances of 5 km, 10 km, half marathon, 25 km and since 2015 also a marathon, both solo or relay, a wide range of options are on offer for all levels: beginner, recreational, passionate runner and pro athlete. With the organisation of four running meetings per year, runners also have the opportunity to prepare for specific running events. In addition to its own events, “Berlin läuft!” also provides services for companies on whose behalf it provides the organisation of various events.

    Berlin läuft! Facts

    In-house events: BIG 25 Berlin, Airport Night Run, Mazda IGA-Lauf, VOLVO Tierparklauf, ASICS Grand 10 Berlin

    As service provider: Intersport Olympia Lauf, Nike Women’s Run 10km Berlin, Strausberg Marathon, Fair Play Run

    Running events: tip Berlin Lauftreff im Frühjahr und Herbst, Berliner Kurier-Lauftreff im Frühjahr und Sommer

    Participants: over 40,000 runners per year

    Kid runs: from 400 to 2.500 m, light athletics for children

    Participants: junior races: over 1.000 children and youth

    Used helpers: over 1,000 helpers

    You can find our team here: Maxdorfer Steig 7 in 10713 Berlin. We are available from Monday to Friday (09:00-17:00) in person, by email at info@berlin-laeuft.de or by phone at 030 – 24 31 99 77. Find us on Facebook at facebook.de/berlinlaeuft and Twitter at twitter.com/berlinlaeuft.

  • Golazo Germany

    In 2014, Berlin läuft and Golazo sports decided to partner in Germany and to create Golazo sports Germany. The main goal of the new born company is to strengthen the existing position in the running market – with the vast international position of the Golazo Group with over 500.000 participants in running events in Europe – and other sports in Germany.

    In 2015, Metro Group Marathon Düsseldorf teamed up with Golazo sports Germany and later that year, German Leichtathletik-Marketing (DLM) and Golazo sports Germany joined forces in “Deutschland Läuft“ to create a new wave of recreational running in Germany.

    From 2017, the new company will establish the “Urban Trail” concept in German cities, with which Golazo has already been successful in Belgium since 2013. Runners – mostly on Sunday mornings – discover their cities in a complete new way. The routes lead through parks, the most beautiful squares, but also through historic buildings and places that are normally not accessible to the public. There is no timing, but instead participants are served breakfast after the race. In Antwerp, the number of participants at the “Urban Trail” increased from around 4000 at the start in 2013 to nearly 12,000 in 2016.

    “These runs are a perfect mix of culture, tourism and sport”, explains “Deutschland läuft” CEO Bob Verbeeck, “in Flanders, all runs were always sold out from the start.” In addition to the “Urban Trails”, “Deutschland läuft” plans a series of 10-kilometer runs and an Ekiden-relay, in which six runners share the 42,195 marathon kilometers.

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